Some examples of different presentation tools

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With the aid of a computer and a projector on a screen, smartboards or interactive whiteboards, software programs such as:

***  Powerpoint

SlideShare: A very popular tool for sharing Powerpoint presentations and more, online, or embed them in your blog or website.

ZohoShow: Kind of similar to Powerpoint, but free, and online.

***Glogster: This link will take you right to Glogster’s Basic (free) plan for Educators.

Fotobabble: Create talking photos with Fotobabble! I haven’t tried this yet, but I here’s an example of a Fotobabble talking photo by”Becky4477″  – looks like a simple tool for adding as voice-over to pictures (they have a free iPhone app too).

*****Prezi: With Prezi, you create graphical presentations that you can easily zoom in and out of, to “get the big picture”, or “drill into the details”.

Voki: The idea behind Voki is to use a talking avatar to make your presentation. Click here to read a post about Voki that includes a video demonstration of the creation of a Voki avatar.

*****Vuvox: I had a lot of fun creating this music video with the help of Vuvox last year, and selected it as the first app we covered in the workshop. You can add text, pics, and embedded “hot links”, over a bed of music, to make your scrolling presentation.

OneTrueMedia: We took this one for a try this week – definitely easier to use than Vuvox (but I was also a little dissapointed by some of the limitations in the free version).


Do your job! Keep these people accountable!!

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State Rep Refridgerator Magnet2

Ever Changing

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Its been several years since I’ve used this blog. Since It was started in 2009, I’ve only posted a few times. I was teaching French then. At this time in my life, nearly a year and a half later, our school district is re-structuring from a junior high/ high school to a k-5 / middle school/ high school deal. So all my freshmen Frenchies wont be with me anymore. Luckily, the gracious good-fellas at the ms I will continue to work for, asked me to teach an Integrated Technology class to 8th graders. I was thinking this blog might be a good thing to continue…..

Laissez les jeux à commencer!!

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It’s another school year and I haven’t posted anything all summer. I’m trying to plan a trip for my students this next year. If anyone has any suggestions on who to travel with, I’d appreciate it. So far, I’m looking at EF Tours and Passeports. Can’t wait to get these kids over there for their first taste of real French culture! I know I’ll never forget the first trip I took, and all that followed! Any ideas for fundraisers beyond bakesales and carwashes would be much appreciated too!


Le Tour Eiffel

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Construit en 1889 pour L’Exposition Modiale par Gustave Eiffel, ce monuement est connu autour du monde.

Lingt Editor

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Check out this  new software for creating your own mulitmedia language assessments from the Lingt group.

Online Games and Puzzles

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Here’s another blog, World Language Teaching Resources,  that compiles resources for French, Spanish and German.  In terms of technology, there’s a few online games and puzzles, but most of the ideas are good old fashioned make-it-yourself games and reviews.