Laissez les jeux à commencer!!

It’s another school year and I haven’t posted anything all summer. I’m trying to plan a trip for my students this next year. If anyone has any suggestions on who to travel with, I’d appreciate it. So far, I’m looking at EF Tours and Passeports. Can’t wait to get these kids over there for their first taste of real French culture! I know I’ll never forget the first trip I took, and all that followed! Any ideas for fundraisers beyond bakesales and carwashes would be much appreciated too!



3 Responses to “Laissez les jeux à commencer!!”

  1. Peter Bryanz Says:

    Bonjour! I assume you will be showing this to your students so I shall type in English. I’d suggest selling things thee students make or donate. You could also have a school-supported car wash. I hope this helped, Peter

  2. jdkfkjgsgo;jadjk Says:

    what up?

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