Technology in the Classroom

An interview with Uschi Kuhn-Laird, Jr.High German teacher in Lawrence,KS….8 September, 2009

Q: What types of technology do you have available?

UK-L: I have an overhead projector, computer, laptops I can check out, a projector, T.V., V.C.R, DVD, CD player and access to a computer lab.

Q: What technologies do you integrate into your lessons?

UK-L: All of the above, and also, the students make powerpoint presentations. We get german news from the internet and youtube.

Q:What do students learn using technology?

UK-L: Mainly with current events, they learn how to do research on the internet and find information.

Q:What is your philosophy of educational technology?

UK-L: Geez, I don’t know, use it as much as possible, but don’t overdo it.

Q:How does your principal/school district view technology in the classroom?

UK-L: They encourage it. When they do their observations, it’s a big part of it that you incorporate it into your curriculum.

Q: Do you have any frustrations integrating technology into your class?

UK-L: We can’t get enough laptops for the school/students. We don’t have time to push them all around between classes and get them back for the next teacher. Don’t get me wrong, we have a projector in the room and that’s great. But, access to student computers isn’t as good as it could be. If we did, we would use them alot more in the foreign language classes.


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